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Christmas culinary traditions in Alsace

Enjoy the local food on Christmas Eve

Alsace is known as the French region where Christmas is best promoted. The reputation of the Strasbourg market allows it to welcome thousands of curious people before the Christmas period. Let's take a look at the culinary traditions of Alsace!


These are typically Alsatian cakes. You won't find them anywhere else in France.

It is a Christmas must-have. Coconut, almonds or hazelnuts form the basis of the recipes for this cake. Then everyone flavours them with whatever they like: chocolate, spices, jam, etc.


Mannele or mannalas

"Mannala" means "man" in Alsatian. So you can probably guess the shape of this brioche

It is usually eaten on Saint Nicholas' Day, at the beginning of December, in eastern France. This 100% Alsatian pleasure is best enjoyed with a good hot chocolate.



Gingerbread is nowadays on every Christmas table in France.

Nevertheless, it is even more common in Alsace. From the first bite, the magic of Christmas takes hold of you.

Alone or accompanied by a piece of foie gras, enjoy this dish with local flavours.


The Bredala

In coffee or as a snack, the bredala is eaten during the festive period. It is one of the easiest cakes to make yourself.

A dough, butter, a rolling pin and some cookie cutters are all you need.

To personalise them, there are many recipes that are often passed down from generation to generation. Chocolate, jam or aniseed, the choice is yours.


Adored in Germany and Alsace, this cake is a small loaf of bread with dried fruit and candied fruit.

It can be eaten with both savoury and sweet foods. It is nicknamed the Alsatian Christmas bread and is eaten in thin slices.
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