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Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg et les châteaux-forts d’Alsace

Passing through the Haut-Koenigsbourg gate is like diving into the world of the Middle Ages! And there are plenty more! …Visit the castles of Alsace!

Built before the 12th century, Bucheneck Castle is located 20 minutes by car from your Best Western Plus Au Cheval Blanc hotel.

Listed as a historic monument since 1984, the building served as a residence for various noble families, but also for the Bishop of Strasbourg. Today, it hosts a museum dedicated to the history of the town of Soultz-Haut-Rhin, from the reception of a garrison of the Order of Malta within its walls to the story of the life of the community. Jew of the city.

Not to be confused with Nuenburg Castle in Germany, this building is only a 25-minute drive from your Best Western Plus Au Cheval Blanc hotel.

Built in the 14th century, the first fortified castle did not survive the disastrous Thirty Years’ War. However, in the 17th century, Abbot Philippe de Loewenstein ordered the building of a new castle, which is the one we can see today.

After many transformations, sometimes workshop, sometimes villa, the castle is today a Cultural and Tourist Center. Visit its gardens, which host temporary exhibitions and events!

Engelburg, the Witch’s Eye
A very frightening name for a castle, the Witch’s Eye was not always nicknamed that. Located about 30 minutes by car from your Best Western Plus Au Cheval Blanc hotel, it was Louis XIV who ordered its destruction in 1673, after the Treaties of Westphalia which attached Alsace to France.

A group of miners is then dispatched, but they end up collapsing the tower of the keep, creating an atypical structure still visible today, a stone circle visible from afar. This is the Eye of the Witch.

The ruins, forgotten for a time, were rediscovered and classified as a historic monument in 1898. Since then, courageous volunteers have made it their mission to restore the building to its original state. An unusual place not to be missed!